Questions, comments and concerns.
  1. Why are the shopping carts near the exit and not the entrance?
    Very odd and a tad annoying.
  2. Fall "festive" pumpkins are at the front door.
    What exactly makes them festive and not regular?
  3. I really should eat more fruits and vegetables
    Cool. Halloween candy is still available.
  4. Now what do I really need to survive the week.
    Aka -avoid take out / carry out.
  5. Why is that kid crying?
  6. Is everything gluten free now?
  7. Who knew Heinz made so many ketchup varieties ?
    Noted. Sriracha, balsamic, jalapeño, hot & spicy, no salt, organic, low sugar and simply Heinz.
  8. Do I really need three types of cookies?
  9. There are too many types of yogurt.
    I give up.
  10. I am so over coconut oil.
    Enough already.
  11. My cart is getting full.
    Bought way to much junk food.
  12. Is that the same crying kid from before or a new one?
    Must find a register without a stroller.
  13. Where did I park again?