I turned on TCM tonight to find this movie on. I have had this in my drafts for months. My mom took me and my best friend to see this movie in 1982. Really funny movie with a great cast.
  1. Dustin Hoffman
    Plays Michael Dorsey or Dorothy Michaels aka Tootsie. A struggling actor who pretends to be a woman to get a part on a popular television soap opera "Southwest General"
  2. Jessica Lange
    She plays Julie his costar on the soap opera and potential love interest. I love in the final scene when she asks him if she can borrow one of his dresses. She won a best supporting actress Oscar for her role.
  3. Bill Murray
    He plays his eccentric play writing roommate/friend and accomplice in his scheme. He was actually never credited for the movie and improvised most of his lines.
  4. Teri Garr
    Plays Michael's friend Sandy who is also a struggling actor. In one hilarious scene she catches Michael half dressed trying on her clothes. To avoid telling her the truth he makes a move on her instead.
  5. Dabney Coleman
    Plays the classic skirt chasing sexist director of the soap.
  6. Sydney Pollack
    Plays Michael/Dorothy's agent George Fields perfectly. They have a great scene together in the famous Russian Tea Room in New York City where George first meets Dorothy. Sydney also directed the movie.
  7. Other noteworthy actors
    Geena Davis ( her very first role)Charles Durning and Andy Warhol.
  8. This is a really silly, funny movie from the 80's. Enjoy!
    Special shout out to @NumbahTwo my favorite Dustin 💕💝💕