What your shower curtain says about you....

After spending the morning looking for a new one.
  1. You are really looking forward to planning your wedding.
  2. You stole it from a motel.
  3. Your Mom redecorated your bathroom when she visited you from Florida.
  4. You love the clearance bin.
  5. You have at least two little kids.
  6. You have tween daughters.
  7. You haven't replaced the one the previous tenants left behind.
  8. You've been single way too long.
  9. You love Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  10. It looked so much better online, when I was drunk.
  11. You probably have roommates.
  12. You're a sex in the shower person.
  13. You're a water sign.
  14. You are a big fan of Pinterest.
  15. Whatever....