As a born and raised Manhattanite I was very much against moving to Brooklyn. After living here for a while now I figured out a few cool things....
  1. You can live like an adult and not go broke! Eat in kitchen, dining room, car and garage etc....
  2. Very Dog Friendly! You can have a dog or two or ten. The more the better.
  3. Sitting on your stoop is encouraged.
    Even better with your dog(s)!
  4. Coney Island. Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Industry City are all here.
  5. Fresh Direct delivers here.
  6. Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Nets, Brooklyn Brewery.
  7. You can get great take out food delivered at 1am. Also pet food ( see above) and even liquor.
  8. Friendly neighbors who say things like "Good Morning" or "Hello".
  9. Block Parties.
    I discovered these are a great excuse to drink in the street. Legally.
  10. The mayor is from Brooklyn and he still hangs out here.
  11. Lastly- Manhattan is still fairly close and easily accessible by car, bus, subway and even ferry.
  12. Holiday decorations are a free for all. 🐶🎄🐷