Why I dislike January.....

Just my opinion
  1. The phrase "New Year, New You"
    Because the old me sucked?
  2. The never ending commercials for cruise ship vacations.
    Dramamine much?
  3. "Shape Up for 2017" Why, because my shape was down all last year?
    PS why am I getting Redbook in the mail? Who did this to me?
  4. My Neighbors won't take down their outdoor lights and Christmas decorations.
  5. When it snows the city and everyone else dumps piles of industrial salt everywhere. It makes a huge mess and is painful on Lulu's paws. If you buy this stuff please consider the pet safe version.
  6. The dry cold air is killing my nose. My entire life is Kleenex right now.
  7. Resolutions.
  8. Tax Season is suddenly thrust upon us with Jon Hamm & donuts from H&R Block.
    Bonus *No actual refunds till after February 15th. 😡
  9. Award show season.... aka another opportunity for celebrities to congratulate and flaunt themselves.
    "The Dude" knows all
  10. More Oprah and her Weight Watchers commercials.
    Does she think we don't know she owns a % of Weight Watchers?