And by you I mean me of course.
  1. You know the names of all fav listers pets.
  2. You would rather be on than having sex.
  3. You are checking it while having sex.
    Or at least thinking about your next list idea during sex.
  4. @dfly is your favorite celebrity.
  5. You have your @list account on your Linkedin profile.
  6. Its the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night.
  7. @bjnovak is your religion now.
  8. You check it while using the bathroom at the mall.
  9. You follow all the craft store accounts.
  10. You are one of the craft store accounts.
  11. @list updates give you the same type of cramps as diarrhea.
  12. When one of your lists trends you are literally the happiest you have ever been in your entire life.
  13. When more that one of your lists trends you consider "listing" your full time job now.
  14. When @list "relists" one of your lists you need to use your inhaler.
  15. @dev gives you a warm tingly feeling.
  16. You bring up in every conversation no matter how irrelevant.
  17. When you are away from too long you get a headache, become extremely anxious and slightly nauseous.
  18. You are on during every major holiday, birthday and during every important event of your life.
  19. When @mindy publishes a new list you take the day off to focus.
  20. All your alerts and notifications are for @list and nothing else.
  21. app meet ups of any kind are the only reason you leave your house now.
  22. You are still mourning the loss of @ChrisK
  23. You can't comprehend the idea of spending to much time on @list
  24. You read this entire stupid list.