From penguins to pickle stallions, I love snowboarding.
  1. Some children's board with penguins on it, circa 1998.
    This is where it all started. Selected by default as the local shop had two kids boards available, one of which was too big for me. Not pictured because the 90's.
  2. Burton Feather, 2004
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    Felt like a big kid, learned how to carve the ice coast.
  3. Roxy Silhouette, 2006
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    This was the first board I chose online, and the decision was heavily influenced by the fact that Roxy was "in" with my friends at the time. I can't find an image of the exact model, so here's a similar one to show the graphical trends at the time. Mine was blue, black, gray and white.
  4. Burton GTwin, 2008
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    So many formative miles and mountains together. First board I took out west. It has a cool pearl colored overlay featuring sketches all across the top of the board, but you can't tell in the web photo.
  5. Nikita Expression, 2013
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    A little disappointing in the flex department, but I still dig it for the topsheet.
  6. Gnu Pickle Stallion, 2015
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    Finally decided to go short again. Saddled up for the 2015-2016 season.