My Intro to Fiction Students in the prison education nonprofit that I work for have no Internet access, so I'm posting their lists. This list considers Modern fiction as a "how-to" in reverse. The pairs consist of the characteristic of modern fiction (i.e. how not to live) counterbalanced with the prescription (i.e. how to)
  1. weakness (strength)
  2. cowardice (courage)
  3. dishonor (honor)
  4. subjugation (freedom)
  5. lifelessness (vigor)
  6. dogma (realism)
  7. alienation (kinship)
  8. guilt (joy)
  9. futility (hope)
  10. fatalism (striving)
  11. aversion (detachment)
  12. self-pity (integrity)
  13. delusion (skepticism)
  14. death (death)