problems with English PhDs

  1. We are Marxists who shamelessly expect free labor from aspiring profs.
  2. We are egalitarians with a pecking order
  3. We are able to summarize our political and religious positions, in general, as a group, in two words. Marxist atheist.
  4. We kill pleasure
  5. We overvalue complexity
  6. we are hammers seeking nails
  7. we talk only to those with whom we agree
  8. we are poor
  9. our taste exceeds our income
  10. if we enter our qualifications into a normal person search engine, we get invited to drive trucks. like we can do that.
  11. we got into this mess because we want to make a living by reading, writing and thinking. For how this is working out, see above.
  12. we need to chill. we need to serve. we need to be valued