1. Practical investing book
    Christmas 2009. It's never been opened. Maybe that's because its what he does 8 hours a day.
  2. A strainer
    Birthday 2010. It's a small baby one that can hold like 6 blueberries and is probably meant for dolls.
  3. Gift certificate for a kindle book
    Christmas 2010. He doesn't own a kindle...
  4. A gift certificate for a cooking class
    Birthday 2011. Taught by her.
  5. Lazy Susan
    Christmas 2012. Its from ikea. At least it's wood?
  6. Soup of the month club
    Birthday 2013. This is a family favorite for sure. The best part? He only got one months worth.
  7. A breakfast recipe book
    Birthday 2014. Because his favorite meal as a child was breakfast. And she literally can't let it go.
  8. Dog earring favorite recipes in the breakfast book
    Birthday 2014. It was mentioned in the card that this was the second part of the gift.
  9. And the winner goes to......... A PIPE CLEANER
    Yep. A red pipe cleaner- for the cats to play with. Delivered in a white envelope at our doorstep August 3, 2015.