Features I hope to one day attain
  1. Claw foot tub
    A must for lux baths
  2. Enough closet space
    Is there such a thing?
  3. Rolly clothing rack
    Never have had the space for one
  4. Bookshelf
    Preferably multiple I want many many
  5. Library
    Ultimate goal is a room dedicated to books. Like an old timey one w/ a fireplace & fancy drink set & all that jazz probs some dark wood too
  6. Bar cart
    I want this shit FANCY like fancy glass bottles to put my alcohol in line in movies & shit. Decanters.
  7. Taxidermy
    I like strange things. This is one
  8. 1 part big red camping lodge, 1 pt curio cabinet, 1 pt girly Marie Antoinette
  9. Tall candelabras/candlesticks w/ candles that I actually use!!
    We never used candles at home so I'm overcompensatig
  10. Gold frames
  11. Big oriental rug!!'
    I need it I need it I need it
  12. Plants
    Sooner or later I will need 2 learn to grow things
  13. A library cart
    Itd be fun!