1. Highlighter
    Becca highlight in Opal specifically. How have I been missing out for so long? Looking like a glowing goddess is the best.
  2. The X Files
    I've said it once and I'll say it again, Mulder and Scully were the only people keeping me company for a while.
  3. Podcasts
    Not *technically* new, but the only podcasts I listened to in the past were about Twilight in the eighth grade. Now I listen to a bunch of different podcasts (Serial, This American Life, RadioLab, Love and Radio, etc) when I don't know how else to get out of my head. It's like free education!
  4. Fitzy
    My puppy who's been around for the last seven or so months
  5. Teaching
    Though I'm not doing it right now, I'm always thinking about it. I literally can't wait to meet my students this summer. I already have so many ideas for what we'll do. I dream about them!
  6. Internet friends
    I have a group chat with friends from Twitter and I like them so much. They make me laugh and smile when I feel really alone.
  7. Pen pals
    See above. We all send each other letters. I also have a few pen pals who I know in real life. There's nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter and I find writing them very therapeutic. It's also cool how they're a physical thing; you can hang them on your wall to make yourself happy!