1. 🗝Shower
    Trust me, it's the only way. And if you can't trust me, trust Ezra Koenig.
  2. 🗝Be more immediate
    Ban the word "procrastination" from your vocabulary bc you will always do it. No matter what. The only way out is to be more immediate. Start small! Try to answer a text within 30 mins if possible. Try to answer an email within two hours. Try to do the errand you've been avoiding all day before 5 p.m. Try to finish the assignment you've been avoiding before 8 p.m. Your time is valuable! Let yourself save more of it.
  3. 🗝Write it down
    Keep a small notebook with you and write things down. An idea, a reminder, a hot stranger's phone number. Set aside a time after dinner and before bed to look at what you've written that day.
  4. 🗝End your day
    Set a time for yourself when your professional day is over. After that time, only answer the messages you want to. Only work on the things you want to. Don't work at all if possible. You deserve to enjoy your time.
  5. 🗝Give yourself a present
    This literally changed my life. Whether you're a "damn fine" cup of coffee person or a Parks and Rec "treat yo self" person, give yourself something to look forward to every. single. day.
  6. 🗝Be nice to yourself
    Be as nice to yourself as you were to your favorite childhood teacher. Be as nice to yourself as you are to your grandma. Be as nice to yourself as you are to your dog. Be as nice to yourself as you are to every single person you love because you need to. You're gonna be around for a long time and you need to keep yourself safe.