Yes, we read it!
  1. After Jean Louise Finch (Scout) learns Atticus attends segregationist citizens' council meetings: "The one human being she had ever fully and wholeheartedly trusted had failed her...had betrayed her, publicly, grossly, and shamelessly."
  2. "Every man's island, Jean Louise, every man's watchman, is his conscience."
  3. "If a man says to you, 'This is the truth,' and you believe him, and you discover what he says is not the truth, you are disappointed and you make sure you will not be caught out by him again. But a man who has lived the truth-and you have believed in what he has lived-he does not leave you merely when he fails you, he leaves you with nothing."
  4. After a rumor goes around that Jean Louise and her boyfriend were skinny dipping at Finch's Landing: "'H'rm,' said Atticus. He touched his glasses. 'I hope you weren't doing the backstroke.'"
  5. "Atticus said, 'I can take anything anybody calls me so long as it's not true. You don't even know how to cuss, Jean Louise.'"