Black Mirror Episodes I Have Seen and How I Feel About Them

***not spoiler free*** Oooooohmygod this show has made me so disturbed and I can't get it out of my head. And I've only seen five episodes! It's deterred my Sex and the City binging. This list is in the order of how I've watched them.
  1. Nosedive
    This one freaked me out because, not to be That Person, but I feel like this is totally where our society is headed. Like it's completely plausible that we would start some kind of rating system. We practically already do with Likes and everything. UGHHHHHHH AHHHHHH
  2. White Christmas
    I saw someone say on Twitter that this was the most disturbing episode but to be honest I don't agree. Yes, very disturbing, but nothing that made me feel too nauseous. Like the ending when he just had to stare at the little girl's lifeless body in the snow, THAT was horrifying. The rest was messed up but I could handle it. Jon Hamm was fun to look at.
  3. Shut Up and Dance
    To be honest, I thought it was fairly obvious he was a pedophile from the beginning. Those scenes of him being extra nice to the little girl and staring at that drawing gave it away. Plus his overwhelming fear of the video of him being leaked made it quite clear that there was something bigger he wanted to hide. I think the pedophilia aspect made it way more disturbing for me. The overarching concept of it reminded me of the movie Nerve that came out this summer.
  4. White Bear
    Probably the most disturbing one I've watched so far. I did not expect that twist. When she shot the musket and confetti came out, I was so confused. It was so creepy when everyone was cheering. That's when I knew it was some commentary on, like, criminal justice because it reminded me of how people watch prisoner's get executed. I noticed in both this episode and Shut Up and Dance that the show has a way of making you sympathize with a character and then you realize they did something horrible.
  5. The Entire History of You
    This made me realize that you shouldn't overanalyze situations. I genuinely thought he was going to kill either his wife or Jonas so I'm relieved that didn't happen. Interesting concept.