1. Aaron Carter
    I was at most 4 during this time. I remember my sister (who was probably 7) had a poster of him on our wall and her friend came over and kissed the poster! She went lip to lip with a poster of Aaron Carter. I was very scandalized.
  2. The British kid from Mary-Kate and Ashley's movie "Winning London"
    He's still cute to me and I just found out he's actually Australian and I don't know how to feel about it.
  3. Jesse McCartney
    My childhood friend and I used to fight over who would get him as their boyfriend when we played house. This was a short phase however because High School Musical came out a short while later which brings me to...
  4. Zac Efron
    Lasted for years. I still wouldn't reject his proposal I just can't respect him for taking on a role in which he rejects a girl's request of playing "Drunk in Love" at a party. Is your EDM-DJing ass really too good for "Drunk in Love?!" Get over yourself.
  5. Jess from Gilmore Girls
    I don't know if it's appropriate for me to say that my favorite thing about him is his crooked mouth which is that way because of a partial paralysis. I don't love him because he doesn't have active nerves on the left side of his mouth, I just love the way that it somehow adds to his bad-boy-loves-to-read persona.
  6. Nick Jonas
    This was pretty intense and occurred during his thick, curly haired days. I thought we would get married because he's not too much older than I am and he's from New Jersey. Alas our love faded. The JoBros will always have a place in my heart though.
  7. The two blondes Hannah Montana dated: Cody Linley and Lucas Till
    I think I was the only person in the world who was #TeamJake throughout the "He Could Be the One" special. And poor Lucas Till who played her love interest in the movie. They acted like he never existed. Smh.
  8. One Direction
    Obvs Zayn's not white but Zayn isn't in One Direction anymore now is he??? (😐😓😓😭😭😭). Anyway yeah the others are OKAY I GUESS.