I wonder if Taylor remembers half these songs. She has evolved so much.
  1. Should've Said No
  2. The Outside
    Listening to it, like Taylor's voice has changed sooo much
  3. Stay Beautiful
    When I listen to this I transport back to 5th grade.
  4. Tied Together With a Smile
    Okay I used to think this was about Taylor having a football star boyfriend who was depressed. I didn't think the lyrics could be ambiguous. I took everything she sang so literally.
  5. Our Song
    A classic Tay banger
  6. Cold As You
    My favorite is when Taylor sang this during the Red Tour (her best tour) in St. Louis, MO. I think she said it was the only time she ever sang it live. I really loved it.
  7. Mary's Song (Oh My My My)
    A classic country tale. I like that it's a story.
  8. I'm Only Me When I'm With You
    A good song tbh