The Breakers

I visited the Breakers mansion in Newport yesterday. It was so cool and I can't believe people ever lived there, let alone lived there in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is a long list that's mainly me wanting to preserve what I saw and learned. Enjoy!!
  1. The main hall
    This was the entrance with the grand staircase. The audio tape recorder thing said that the kids used to slide down these stairs on serving trays which makes my princess diaries 2 dreams come true.
  2. The dining room
    I've never been to Versailles but I feel like this is the American Versailles.
  3. The dining room ceiling
  5. My crappy picture does this no justice...
    But because the Vanderbilts owned the breakers, and they owned the railroad system, they put an ornate, Renaissance style carving of cherubs with trains above their doorway. I thought it was a creative touch.
  6. The ceiling in one of their family rooms
  7. Me ft one of the Vanderbilt girls who imho looks like Anne Hathaway
  8. Really pretty blue marble fireplace
  9. Fancy as hell study
  10. Fancy piano
    They talked about the parties and debutant balls they had here and it all just sounds like it's from a story I can't believe this stuff HAPPENED
  11. The youngest daughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt's bedroom
    They said they kept it very simple
  12. A bathtub
    Okay fun fact I remember about the bathtubs is that they had four faucets because two were for cold and hot salt water because at the time they thought bathing in salt water was healthy. The other two faucets were for regular hot and cold water. ALSO the tubs were made with marble so the servants had to fill and refill them many times to make sure they were hot enough and suitable for bathing these rich as hell Vanderbilts.
  13. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney's room
    She grew up and married a man and became an artist and founded the Whitney museum in New York! Also when she was a teen she realized how she was an heiress and lamented that fact and said she wished she was poor because she thought people would only love her for her money (rich ppl probs🙄) ((but valid feelings nonetheless)). She ended up finding a man who had his own status and money and loved her because of real feelings.
  14. More views
  15. The kitchen
    Honestly it could be a modern day kitchen
  16. The outside
  17. All in all...
    I thought the whole thing was so cool. This is a part of American history I don't know too much about. It was the only mansion we toured but I would love to see the others!! Go see them if you can it's all very fascinating.