Things I Love About the Show I'm Currently Watching

The show I'm watching is Degrassi: The Next Generation and I'm not ashamed
  1. I love to see Drake play Jimmy, an eighth grader at Degrassi Community School
  2. I love when Emma's mom Spike told off a gross man who cat called them in the mall
  3. I love when Emma gets her period in school while wearing a white skirt and isn't embarrassed to tell her class that that's why she had to change into huge basketball shorts
  4. I love when Emma started a petition to get a tampon dispenser in the girls bathroom and her crush Sean signed it
  5. I love that this group of friends named their band PMS
  6. Edit: I drafted this list in June when I was watching Degrassi, then I got distracted by True Blood, but I loved this list a lot even though I didn't get to properly finish it