Inspired by @alyssapoliti and the rest // I had absolutely no food restrictions as a kid and it has made me a better person so do not judge. This is ALL junk food btw. However I did eat a lot of fruits and veggies too but I eat them so often still that they just taste normal, not like my childhood.
  1. Fruit By the Foot
    This was a staple snack in my lunch box from kindergarten to 8th grade
  2. McDonald's hot cakes (THEYRE PANCAKES WTH IS A HOT CAKE🙄) and hash browns
    My parents would get us this breakfast mainly on the weekends
  3. Strawberry frosted donuts from Dunkin Donuts
    My dad would bring us a dozen donuts every Saturday morning and my choice was always strawberry frosted (probably because it's pink)
  4. Bologna sandwiches
    For some reason though, I remember playing barbies and eating a bologna and thinking I was eating deer meat and it made me really upset
  5. Chocolate eclair + Strawberry shortcake bars
    They taste like summer days at the pool club
  6. Burger King chicken nuggets with honey mustard
    I haven't had these in at least 6 years but I had them almost everyday as a toddler