A lot of thoughts
  1. Aw they all hug each other when they arrive. That's cute! Girls are so loving.
  2. I wonder what they will be like when they're real people and not mini people
  3. Why is this one saying Frozen is a baby movie when the theme of this party is CLEARLY FROZEN
  4. I hope they all realize how strong and awesome they are and I hope the patriarchy is dismantled by the time they are my age
  5. Okay girl I get it Frozen is overrated but when 60% of the party is wearing Frozen pajamas, Frozen is playing on the TV, and the cups, plates, and napkins have Anna and Elsa on them, you don't talk shit. That's just rude.
  6. Omg how is running in circles that much fun? You will probably despise running some day so I guess enjoy it while you can
  7. How do you not realize how annoying it is when you scream and cry? I'm sorry your friend hit you in the head but you are not seriously injured.
    I understand this sounds heartless but it was not a big deal
  8. Aw they love makeup that's cute!! Wear what you want ladies. Have fun putting on purple eyeshadow and don't let anyone say shit to you about it.
  9. Thank god this is over