Ways in which I am like Barb

  1. Her story arc heavily involved her best friend getting a boyfriend
    See: my life rn where a lot of my friends are obsessed with getting a boyfriend while I am content to lie in bed eating apples with peanut butter
  2. She didn't really want to be at that party but went for her bff's sake
    See: my entire life
  3. She tried to be cool and fit in but injured herself in the process
    See: every time I walk in my flip flops I stumble at least once
  4. The bad thing that only happened to a few people happened to her
    See: every situation I've ever been in
  5. When she goes missing hardly anyone cares. Even her own best friend seems okay in the end?
    Honestly don't think this would actually happen to me BUT I do think most people around me (not close friends and family) wouldn't really notice my absence because I try very hard to fly under the radar