I used to be an old hag who was against YouTube culture but I've been slowly dragged in and just recently subscribed to a handful of channels! I mainly go for lifestyle vloggers. Here is who I'm subscribed to:
  1. Arden Rose // arose186
    She's one of the people I used to watch when I was against YouTube culture. Honestly now I really like her aesthetic and I her clothes and her makeup. I know nothing about LA but she said she lives in Venice which is far from things but she lives there cause she likes it and I respect that. She is also in London a lot because that's where her boyfriend lives so it's cool to see London in her videos sometimes.
  2. Madelynn // La Madelynn
    I found her through Arden. She's very hipster and I enjoy that her videos are a little different from the typical lifestyle YouTuber content we usually see. She went to Joshua Tree and now I want to go there so badly.
  3. Jessica Clements
    I love to see some NYC representation. She's a model so sometimes watching her videos I'm like wow why do I exist but that's not her fault. She's actually very down to earth and I like her style. Her boyfriend is a wannabe Casey Neistat.
  4. Kendall Rae
    I subscribe for her Conspiracy Theory series. They are so good! I live for conspiracy theories. She also has two thrilling videos about her horrendous freshman year of college roommate. I don't really watch her other videos but the ones I've seen I've really enjoyed! She has great stuff about plus size clothing, PCOS, and she has great political opinions (IMO).
  5. Karlie Kloss // Klossy
    I would love to be her in my next life
  6. Lindsey Rem
    She's a college sophomore from SoCal. I like her style and that we're the same age.
  7. Orion Carloto
    She doesn't post that often. Like Arden though I've watched her videos sporadically for a few years now. She always fascinated me because her name is actually Vanessa and her life seems interesting because we are the same age but she's been acting like a 25 year old since I discovered her.
  8. Jess // sunbeamsjess
    My favorite. She's a British uni student studying at the university of Edinburgh. She's so down to earth and beautiful and cool. I want to be her/be friends with her.
  9. Estée Lalonde
    She's a Canadian woman who lives in London. I like her videos because they are clean and nice. I would recommend.
  10. Sonya Esman
    What a fascinating person. She's the type of person who goes to Burning Man. She's the type to like sulk at a party and when you ask what's wrong she's like "what's right? The universe is here within our souls begging for us to find it"