1. It's Sunday and I live in France.
    Nothing happens on a Sunday in France. Seriously, everything is closed.
  2. It's raining
  3. I bought a new memory foam pillow
    It's a dream come true and I never want my head to be not resting on it.
  4. I know I need to do all the dishes in the house.
    Yeah, pretty much all of them. It's been a busy week.
  5. I promised myself I'd go to the gym today
    Regretting that promise now. Big time.
  6. I have a headache
  7. Jack is on tour so there is nobody here to tell me to get out of bed
    (Or judge me)
  8. I'm a lazy sloth of a woman
    Disgusting lazy sloth woman.
  9. Brb, nap time