1. I grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    I love living in a big city, but I miss the ocean. Something about the salt water is so healing.
  2. I manage a Sephora
    SO much fun! I have the best team in the world.
  3. I played rugby competitively
    Till i got a nasty concussion at 17
  4. I love to drive
    When I'm upset, happy, or anything in between, I love driving down country rounds with the windows down, singing along to the radio on full blast
  5. I'm highly skilled at getting to the front row at concerts
    I think being as small as I am is probably a great asset
  6. I'm obsessed with my dog
    And I would have a hundred dogs if I could ❤️
  7. I'm highly sarcastic
    Please don't take it personally. I think I was British in a past life
  8. If I could live anywhere
    I'd pick Malibu or Santa Monica California (based on where I've been so far)... I miss the ocean and I loved the vibe in those areas 😍plus it's driveable to mountains
  9. I miss singing and songwriting
    I did musical theatre growing up and wrote hundreds of songs. I don't have time to do it much anymore so when I sing in my car everyday I feel on top of the world!
  10. I have celiac disease
    Aka I can't have gluten. Used to joke I had been tired since I was 14... turns out I was poisoning myself with wheat! Now I feel great! But I sure do miss red velvet cupcakes 😭
  11. I'm a good listener and I think I have a big heart
    Whether it's my friends, my clients or my team, I seem to always be the one people come to for advice and to talk. It makes my heart so full ❤
  12. I'm addicted to lists and my agenda
    So this app is going to be my addiction 🙈