1. Looks at me like Kanye looks at Kim
    😍😍😍😍 that look
  2. Makes me laugh like this emoji 😂
    Clever wit and sarcasm win my heart
  3. Loves dogs
    Because dogs are the best and my dog is my child
  4. Loves road trips in the summer, almost as much as he loves dogs
    Complete with fleetwood mac sing a longs at the top of our lungs
  5. Adventurous and outgoing enough to pull me out of my shell with just the right amount of homebody
    Likes to go out but loves coming home to hangout and snuggle/talk after
  6. Won't be upset when I kick his butt at Mariokart ;)
    Or any video game for that matter
  7. Accepts the fact that I'm a real life Carrie Bradshaw (shoe addict)
    Two shoe closets are better than one!
  8. Thinks my weird quirks are endearing
    Like how I start speaking Fluent French after a few too many glasses of wine etc 🙈
  9. Is my biggest fan ❤
    Pushes me and challenges me to reach my dreams and be a better me everyday, just like I'll do for him :)
  10. Loves a good adventure