I'm turning 33 this month, no huge milestone but definitely feel different than my in my 20s and am loving it!
  1. Your letdowns are minimal
    For everything... Relationships, jobs, family... Your heart is not on your sleeve, and your expectations have, well just been lowered
  2. You don't have FOMO
    Seeing pictures on social media of 20 somethings in clubs or music festivals makes me tired and appreciate that i don't have to go out ALL the time to have fun
  3. You have (or should) have enough money where you don't have to choose between wine or toilet paper
    Unless you really had your shit together immediately in your early twenties you have probably had a similar dilemma. Thank God that's over with and I can afford copious amounts of both.
  4. You don't have to deal with annoying roommates
    No more dealing with your roommate finishing off your milk, her weird boyfriend hanging out on your couch, and leaving unwashed dishes in the sink ... Now your problems with your living situation may be similar bit may be directed toward your husband
  5. Your flaws don't cripple you
    You know the people that have stuck it out through your twenties love you for who you are, including yourself. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone else.