I have read DAYS OF ABANDONMENT and MY BRILLIANT FRIEND and now I have these irrational fears.
  1. That the love of my life will turn out to be a psychopath and leave me for a psychopath teenager.
  2. That if you get angry enough about something, it will turn you into a crazy person forever.
  3. That someone in my apartment complex is going to leave poisoned dog biscuits around to murder my pets.
    My dogs are constantly eating stuff off the ground and they are SO FAST AT EATING THINGS so this is probably my most rational fear even though it's still completely irrational.
  4. That I won't trust my gut that one time and it will completely ruin my life
    I'm kidding, I do this every day and I'm fine.
  5. That I'm not the brilliant friend.
  6. That I AM the brilliant friend but everyone will think my friend is the brilliant friend and then what's the point of anything.
  7. That the next time I go to Italy I'll be too worried about everybody's interior lives to enjoy the food.