There is a lot to who I am.
  1. I have 2 tattoos. ☠
    Both have very different stories behind them. I never actually planned on getting a tattoo. They both just kind of happened.
  2. I am a registered Democrat. 👩🏼
    I don't agree with everything the party stands for but I do my research and know what I'm talking about.
  3. I hate feet. 👣
    Feet are disgusting. I don't like looking at them, talking about them, or even thinking about them. They're just so gross.
  4. I have 2 brothers. I'm the middle child. 👨‍👨‍👧
    My oldest brother isn't very close to us but my little brother and I are super close. I would do anything for that kid. Even if he doesn't ask.
  5. I love History. 📻
    I can talk for days about American history after WWII. I'm convinced I was supposed to have been alive during the 1960s.
  6. I miss my Blackberry. 📟
    It took me a very long time to give up my Blackberry for an iPhone. I love the iPhone but I was super loyal to Blackberry for a very long time.
  7. I always carry Kleenex and Chapstick.💄
    I always have both Chapstick and Kleenex on hand at all times. You never know when you'll need to blow your nose or fix a makeup smudge.
  8. I have a collection of Life magazines published in the 60s relating to the Kennedy presidency and assassination. 🔫
    And yes, I do believe that his assassination was a conspiracy.
  9. My iTunes library has over 11,500 songs. 🎧
    Some people say that's a lot. I just really like music and need to have options.
  10. I seriously love my 2 cats.
    They are the cutest babies and I don't feel bad at all for thinking about them all day long while I'm away. They're just so cute!! 😻