I have a date tomorrow. It's our 2nd date and I'm just as nervous as I was for the 1st date.
  1. He's taking me to a Braves game.
    I love the Braves but I get a little crazy sometimes. Especially when they play bad. Which they've been doing a lot of lately.
  2. I can't let my crazy come out!
  3. What if I scare him away?!
  4. He's really cute and super smart and we have a lot in common.
  5. I just know I'm going to ruin this because I'm an awkward crazy girl.
  6. I've had my outfit picked out since Saturday and I've been preparing for it all week.
  7. Oh God, what if he's on this app and sees my genuine crazy?!
  8. Fuuuuuck!
  9. I'm going straight from work to the stadium. We agreed to meet in the parking lot.
    Why can't he pick me up? It's not like I work that far away from the stadium. Is chivalry really dead?
  10. I'm going to be starving because it'll be my dinner time.
  11. But I can't eat like the fatty that I am in front of a new guy!
  12. Eating at a baseball game is never attractive.
    It's messy for one and the food is nothing but crap.
  13. Maybe I can scarf down something in the car on the way there?!
  14. This is just a little bit of my neurotic thoughts I've had about this date.
  15. But a major bonus- Friday night fireworks!
    I love fireworks. They're just so pretty. 🎆