1. When you're a teenager you can usually get away with sleeping in until 10 or 11 and then just lounging around all day until it's time to party at night.
  2. But being an adult is a little different, I've learned.
  3. Today, I automatically woke up at 7am without an alarm.
  4. I didn't lounge around. I had to pee because my bladder has had years of torture from me holding it for too long so straight to the bathroom as soon as I wake up.
  5. Then I immediately began getting dressed and ran out of the house.
  6. Step #1
    Oil change and tire rotation. Adult stuff
  7. Step #2
    Drive out of my way to the craft store for yarn that they no longer sell. Immediate frustration.
  8. Step #3
    Buy a new washer/dryer since our dryer died last night. This is the most adult thing I've done in a while. This requires trips to multiple stores so you can compare and contrast your options.
  9. Step #4
    Remember you're starving because you didn't eat breakfast so go home to fix lunch because you just spent a fortune on car maintenance and appliances.
  10. Step #5
    Take a short nap because you're exhausted from being out all morning. Aka pass out in front of the tv with your sandwich and chips in your lap
  11. Step #6
    Go to the laundromat to finish washing your clothes you started yesterday before you realized your dryer was dead.
  12. Step #7
    Go home by 4pm and legitimately be in bed by 7pm because you're an adult and you're too tired to actually enjoy your evening.