I've been in Atlanta all my life but never been. Apparently it's a gay phenomenon I never knew existed. So much to see. So much in fact that I want to focus on just one table of patrons.
  1. Static
  2. 2 women. 3 men.
    Sexuality questioned on 1 man and 1 woman. Definitely 1 gay man and 1 Hetero couple.
  3. The one confirmed gay man sits on the edge. His shirt is very tight and buttoned all the way to the top. His fingernails are painted- alternating between red and black, very chipped. Short shorts and Toms. Alone.
  4. The one Hetero couple is an older white female with a short Asian husband. His shirt is neatly tucked in to "mom jeans" with a black belt and phone case on the hip.
  5. The man with questionable sexuality has a wedding ring. He could be with the other woman but they aren't really touching or interacting like a married couple.
  6. The questionable woman brought the class. Wearing a strappy maxi dress and brought all the amazingness to their table.
    Update: it's been determined that the questionable man and woman are a married couple. He's just very metrosexual in my opinion.
  7. Out of 3 tote bags they pulled out an elaborate place setting including but not limited to:
    Fabric tablecloth with matching fabric napkins folded up in napkin rings. A floral centerpiece. Candles in nice candle holders. Wine glasses with fancy wine- white and red. Not the cheap stuff from the stab-and-grab. Hors d'oeuvre including a cheese plate with crackers, mixed nuts with special containers. Real plates. China. Nicer than my dinner plates.
  8. Dinner is chicken (or maybe salmon), green beans, bread, and roasted potatoes. I can't even imagine what a dinner party at this woman's house looks like.
  9. I basically feel like white trash next to this group of people.