My real name is Katrina. But you can't call me that unless you're my mother. And even then I'll still give you the side-eye.
  1. Katie
    This is my main nickname.
  2. Katie-did
    My uncle has called me this since I was a little kid. I absolutely love him for it.
  3. Katie Baby
    My dad's nickname for me. If he ever called me anything else I would be shocked.
  4. KT
    I kind of gave myself this nickname in college then other people started using it and it really stuck. My first tattoo even has KT in it.
  5. Special K
    They call me this at work. I hate it. It reminds me of the handicapped bus or a cereal.
  6. Stoke
    My BFF calls me this. It's just a short version of my last name.
  7. Katery
    I called my ex-bf Sethery. He would answer by calling me Katery. It was cute.