1. Lemon Drops
    Essays of my drunken escapades with my BFF
  2. Jelly Beans and Minions
    How to live on candy and cartoons.
  3. Are you for real?!?
    Questioning everything and everyone.
  4. The Real Meaning of Netflix and Chill
    How to nap during the day and binge watch tv at night. Solo.
  5. Forever an Auntie, Never a Mommy
    How to love a baby and give them back to their parents at the end of the day.
  6. Baking with Weed
    A cookbook for stoners
  7. Bad ideas: Cocaine, Fuckboys, and High Heels.
    A compilation of essays about bad decisions in my shitty life.
  8. Lonely Vodka Nights
    How to be single and cool.