I am very anxious about a lot of stuff. This list barely scratches the surface.
  1. Social interactions of any sort
    I hate going somewhere and being forced to talk with people I don't know. I mostly keep quiet and when I do talk it's usually super awkward.
  2. Messes
    Not only do I have anxiety, I also have terrible OCD. When my house, car, desk, etc gets too messy I start to feel anxious and have to clean everything right away to feel better.
  3. New experiences
    If I go to a new restaurant, gym, city, or anything I'm unfamiliar with, I'm most likely having a small panic attack. People may not notice it but I'm really not good with new things.
  4. Politics
    I love politics but the general concept of it gives me great anxiety. Watching debates and election results always makes me feel anxious because generally I'm a minority voter so things don't always come out my way therefore I'm anxious about what will come.
  5. Money
    I'm sure I'm not the only one, but finances always give me anxiety. I hate crunching the numbers and trying to figure out how to pay for everything. The only relief I get, crazy as it sounds, is writing checks and sending them out in the mail to pay bills. I somehow find this relaxing.
  6. Religion
    I believe in God but talking about it and explaining to people my views is really hard for me to do and feel comfortable. When people tell me they don't believe in what I do and want me to defend my beliefs, I literally cannot even speak to them anymore on the subject.
  7. New relationships
    As I explained earlier, social interactions are really difficult for me. I usually only date people I've already known for a while so getting into a relationship with someone I just met is practically unheard of in my life.