Ideas and habits to be better at socializing
  1. Observe people everyday and write down hidden thoughts they have (based on analysis) ...
    People won't say what they're thinking. You just need to guess
  2. Any time you're around other people try asking questions about "what happened" and "why are you"
    Best way to get information from people
  3. Ask people what they're doing, what they've done, what they will do ...
    You can get included into other's activities and understand what their reasoning is like.
  4. Go to a toastmasters class every chance you get ...
    It will help you speak better and more fluidly
  5. Observe people who are good at what you want to do ...
    You'll find a lot of the habits and reasoning of the greats
  6. Observe comedy every single day and analyze how they do it ...
    Helps you make jokes better
  7. Observe the setting it multiple places, monitor what contributes to the feel
    Allows you to set an environment and know how to do it
  8. Get a social goal for every place you go to everyday
    The wizard of Oz
  9. Everyday read sociology and psychology articles ...
    They'll teach you how people process information in a social context
  10. Watch Strategic Law/Business/Crime shows
    Analyze them and find out strategies you can use in real life