100 YEARS OF LI.ST 🕰 (1936)

  1. The phantom!!!
    This year has started off great with the first superhero to wear a skin tight costume... And mask. It makes so much sense to fight crime that way. Plus those tight pants..
  2. Hoover dam
    Or as we still sometimes call it the boulder dam instead has finally finished! If we get out of this Great Depression I hope to visit it one day...
  3. Tornados and heat wave
    This summer has been tough between the tornados in Mississippi and Georgia and a heat wave hitting all of North America we have lost so many...
  4. Gone with the wind
    Margaret Mitchell... FAVORITE BOOK EVER
  5. Max schmeling knocks out Joe Louis!
    12th round!
  6. Franklin D Roosevelt
    Did you hear? He was reelected this November for a second term in a landslide
  7. Modern times
    Charlie Chaplin. Best movie this year
  8. I can't forget the little girl that has captured my heart
    She is in Temple Stowaway this year... So adorable