Articles of clothing thay will be Necessary™ for the schulyer sisters

@Schmidiot and @azilat and I are gonna make schulyer sisters cosplays soon so I'm making.a list of.things we should acquire/make for them
  1. A shift
    It's basically the same thing as a chemise but in the 1770s they called them shifts and also they wore them as nightgowns sonic you forget pajamas at Boston CC you'll be set
  2. Stays
    Yeah so they didn't wear any kind of drawers under dresses yet because they were too pant-like and women don't wear masculine clothing ever at all ™ so next is the stays which is the type of corset they wore
  3. False rump
    Also known as a bum pad or a hip roll. These are only necessary for people who don't have hips or bums, or want bigger hips or bums. There are a lot of different types too.
  4. Petticoats
    When in doubt, add another petticoat. Some have ruffles, some are plain, some are even made of silk or are quilted (or both!) We can probably get away with one quilted one and one nicer-ish one that has a ruffle.
  5. The actual dresses
    I think the easiest way to do these will be to make the skirt separate from the bodice. Idk. We'll figure it out.
  6. Shoes and stockings
    Some shoes and stockings were hella fancy, some were not. Idk where we'll get shoes but we will figure it out.
  7. I think that's it so I guess we just have to get Started™