1. Today
    We were talking about something stupid and I was laughing and spilled tea on myself
  2. Probably yesterday
    I dint even think I made tea yesterday but I'm sure I spilled some on me at some point
  3. That one time when I was hanging out with my crush
    I was hanging out with Movie Theater Guy ™ and I had made some tea in the morning so when I got to school I opened my thermos and spilled tea on myself
  4. Idk some other times probably
    I don't keep track but maybe I'll add to this later
  5. Today (8/3)
    I was sewing and I had made sweet tea earlier I the day so I got some while working on my sewing and I spilled some on myself
  6. Today (8/12)
    I went to Render at the recommendation of @Schmidiot and I got the best Earl Grey tea that I ever had but I spilled tea when I overfilled it with half and half