Most Addictive Audiobooks

Just couldn't stop listening
  1. The Martian
    I listened before the movie came out and I was gripped by the story. The suspense and high stakes of Watney figuring out how to survive made me want to listen all day and all night.
  2. Middlesex
    One of the strangest and most wonderfully surprising books I have ever listened to.
  3. Night Film
    Creepy and mysterious and leaving me guessing what was real and what wasn't the entire way through.
  4. The Ocean at the End of the Lane
    Listening to Neil Gaiman narrate his own novel is a treat.
  5. Any of the Robert Galbraith books
    JK Rowling's series starting with The Cuckoo's Calling just draw me in. My favorite so far was The Silkworm.
  6. The Fault in Our Stars
    Another I listened to before the movie and just fell in love. Yes, I cried like a baby.
  7. Ready Player One
    The ultimate 80s pop culture adventure. Totally fun.