What I'm reading to my daughter this week

  1. Ninja Red Riding Hood
    A new favorite. This hits all the right notes for me - beautiful illustrations, a great rhythm and rhyme scheme, and some serious girl power. Red rocks.
  2. The Pout Pout Fish
    Good rhyming, funny premise and a memorable refrain. I've been saying "Blub, Bluuub, Bluuuuuub" all week.
  3. Dear Zoo
    I didn't find this book very interesting until my daughter figured out how to open the flaps this week. Now it's magic.
  4. Frog on a Log?
    A condescending cat tries to teach a frog that where you sit is not about being comfortable, but doing the right thing by following a rigid set of rhyming seating arrangements.
  5. Hairy Maclary, Shoo!
    A mischievous little dog on a surprising little adventure. My daughter loves it when we say "Stop this shemozzle this hullabaloo, scarper skedaddle be off with you, shoo!"
  6. Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs
    I can recite this book in my sleep and it still makes us smile. The catchy rhyme and cute dinosaurs are perfect. And we can play peekaboo with the cutout on the front cover.
  7. Moo-riel and Friends
    Why does Mooriel not appear in this book with her animal friends? Who knows. But my daughter laughs when I stick my face through the opening and make the animal noises.
  8. The Three Ninja Pigs
    Another new favorite I picked up after first finding Ninja Red Riding Hood. Similar in themes and tone, but different enough that both are fun to have and share.
  9. Happy Hippo, Angry Duck
    Trying to sadly say "cluck cluck" like the sad chicken is the best part.
  10. If I Were a Lamb
    A cute little sensory book with fun textures to touch.
  11. Me... Jane
    A very sweet story about Jane Goodall that focuses on following your dreams. I have teared up at the ending every time I've read it.