Inspired by @katiematey
  1. My name is Kevin and I came to after seeing BJ Novak on Watch What Happens Live with my secret crush, Andy Cohen.
  2. I'm kind of an old guy which truly surprises the hell out of me. I mean I see it in the mirror but it doesn't seem possible that in less than a month I will turn 60.
  3. I am a serial monogamist by nature. David and I have been living and working together for nearly 25 years. People at work (oh wait, you should know I just retired 2 months ago) have been bugging us to get married now that we can. I don't want to rush into anything. 😉 I don't think I want to be married.
  4. I love animals and eat a plant based diet. Here I am with author/animal rights activist Jasmin Singer.
  5. My mom just died a few weeks ago. She lived 5 years beyond her stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis. I am not a cold person I swear, but still waiting to really cry it out.
  6. I love our dogs Hunter and Dakota.
  7. The only sport I kind of enjoy is baseball. My team is the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  8. I am interested in a variety of stuff. Art, film, television, weight training, yoga, hiking, cooking (made these vegan donuts), politics, meditation, reading are a few of my interests.
  9. I was raised catholic but am more of an atheist Buddhist if I need a label. I don't.