Pictures of Moi

Pics of me from my iPhone.
  1. Selfie at Mom's grave. She died a couple weeks ago and was cremated and buried here.
  2. Kissing my sister goodbye.
  3. Drrrrr. Sad upset made up face.
  4. Selfie with my sister. We love each other almost as much as we love wine.
  5. Someone took this of me at work decades ago. Pornstache.
  6. Recent of me with hiking buds.
  7. Yep! Just retired! Screw working.
  8. Out for breakfast with my man. He takes a pic of me every time we go out to eat. Apparently didn't get the memo that you are supposed to photograph the food.
  9. Recent book signing with Jasmin Singer, awesome vegan activist/writer.
  10. Mmmmmcoffeeee!
  11. Did I mention I love my sister Tammy?
  12. I got my eye on y'all!