1. Is that scene in the background on a loop?
  2. This show has been on forever!
  3. Why are the contestants shouting?
  4. Is Vanna really happy with her career path? I would be.
  5. She still looks good!
  6. My dad swears there is a little person under the wheel that controls it.
  7. Wonder if Pat talks to the contestants during commercials or is he more of a Letterman.
  8. I miss the old days where you spent your winnings on crappy shit like ceramic dogs and then the leftover you got in a gift certificate.
  9. That Kenny is bearishly cute!
  10. How do I not know the puzzle answer by now?
  12. Anissa is kicking some Wheel butt!
  13. Vanna must know the puzzle answers because she pauses and waits for the letter to light up sometimes.
  14. Has she ever tripped?
  15. Jeopardy is on next. I wonder if that is true everywhere.
  16. My sister Tammy should get on this show.
  17. I suck at this.
  18. Sara is a risk taker. She didn't solve until she filled every letter. Risk taker or just greedy?
  19. I Googled it. They give away $33,000 for the final prize to celebrate 33 years on the air.
  20. I hope WOF never goes off the air.