1. Construction right across the street from bedroom window
    Actually yearning for the relative silence of my desk even though that guy across the way has allergies and blows his nose 100x a day
  2. There is NOTHING GOOD in the fridge
    Getting dressed to go to the store defeats the whole purpose
  3. My Advil has expired
    Only a few months so it's probably OK, right?
  4. I might need to call in "sick" after that other thing that weekend
    Too close to this one 😬
  5. Can't remember if I confirmed meeting for 2:30 PM
    I should probably email someone right now
  6. Got rid of cable so no more daytime soaps
    Dark Shadows on Hulu, though
  7. No hot/cold water cooler at home and I'm out of Brita filters
    I'm supposed to be drinking lots of liquids! See above re: going to store
  8. Anxiety over validity of excuse + amount of work piled up by tomorrow