Seems a bit late in the game to do this three lists in, but I'll take a crack at it anyway. So, please allow me to listroduce myself...
  1. Native Marylander
    Born and raised in Maryland. I say that generally since I was born on one shore, raised on the other, and have settled back on the first. So I'm a little bit of both the country and city.
  2. With a passion for traveling
    Started with a trip to England at three (apparently I was very happy with a plate of chips and mushy peas) and continues to this day. After three years in Italy, I'm ready for some shorter travels.
  3. And a book addiction
    Seriously, moving them is a bitch. Current tally is over 400 in the apartment, a few dozen in storage, and an endless array on the "to be purchased" list.
  4. Can cuss like a sailor (literally)
    Comes from growing up around retired Navy men and women. Well, and not having a filter.
  5. But can play it fancy in a museum
    One of my favorite odd pastimes: walking through a familiar museum in heels. The purposeful walk towards a certain artwork or section, coupled with the heels, has people thinking you work there. Gotta find a way to put that Masters in Art History to work somehow. 😉
  6. And wants to save "all" the old places
    Well, maybe not *all* the old places, but certainly as many as can and should be saved. Coupled with my love of social media, it makes the day-to-day plenty interesting.