I'm always one to scoff at New Years Resolutions because of a hundred reasons, chief among them: why do people feel they have to wait until Jan 1 and not just go with a random Tuesday?! HOWEVER, this year has been rough. Great, but rough. So when my one year work anniversary hit on Jan 1, I joined the resolution group. So in 2017, I resolve to...
  1. Be kind
    Not just to others (which I definitely need to do!) but to myself as well. That's a lifetime of work in two words, but it's time to start being kind.
  2. Give myself a break
    Much like the above mentioned, that's a lifetime of work bottled into a few words. But I've spent the better part of the first year at my job busting my ass to prove that I'm worth my paycheck, but in a way that I've let my work takeover my life. Which means being stressed ALL THE TIME. And this just will not do any longer!
  3. Take better care of myself
    I could blab on about eating better and exercising and losing all that weight from stress eating, but who am I kidding?! I won't do that! At least not in the traditional fashion. Yes eat better and lose that pesky weight, but also take a day to do nothing but read, take long wandering walks, write and draw more, spend less time sitting on the couch binge watching shows for the nth time, be more attentive to my partner, & pay more attention to what I'm eating (except for cheese binges of course).
  4. Travel! Food! Sex! Books!
    Basically, bask in all my favorite things without the guilt factor.