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My favorite List, are list with pictures!
  1. When it flooded in Houston last week, this is the view outside of our apartment.
  2. I found this amusing
  3. Downtown a few weeks ago I came across this interesting piece of art!
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This really isn't a list but who cares! My wife and I take an absurd amount of pictures of our two cats mostly when they are sleeping, just because they look way to adorable. So enjoy!
  1. This is Lars
    He loves to sleep like this!
  2. Finn says Hello!
    I had to trick him to get this picture! He loves anyone who will pet him!
  3. Nap time!
11 more...
  1. Vinyl
    I feel like I get second hand smoke just from watching this show, but, damn it's good!
  2. Daredevil
    A bit cheesy by still good!
  3. Workaholics
    Hilariously Stupid.
4 more...
  1. Callin Baton Rouge by the one and only. Garth Brooks!
  2. This is the only one you need! Trust me!
Hot Shower this morning!
  1. Lunch date at PEI Wei with my wife!
  2. Hammock Class tonight!
  1. Attempting to walk one of our cats Finn on a leash!
  2. A cool sculpture I saw in the heights today
  3. My wife stuffing an entire cupcake in her mouth and me making her laugh as she spits it out everywhere in the car!
2 more...
  1. Lost
    What better way to spend time on a desert island than watching a show about people being stuck on a desert island dealing with way worse problems
  2. The Office
    "Dwight, You ignorant slut"
  3. Friday Night Lights
    Because there is no better motivation of overcoming hards times, than listening to the wise words of Coach Eric and Tammy Taylor. #texasforever