This really isn't a list but who cares! My wife and I take an absurd amount of pictures of our two cats mostly when they are sleeping, just because they look way to adorable. So enjoy!
  1. This is Lars
    He loves to sleep like this!
  2. Finn says Hello!
    I had to trick him to get this picture! He loves anyone who will pet him!
  3. Nap time!
  4. Brotherly Snuggles!
    I accidentally woke Finn while snagging this shot!
  5. King of the castle
    He likes to sit on top of the tv! We aren't sure if it is because he is warm or because he likes to feel like he is above us.
  6. Cleaning time
  7. Lars loves to be loved on!
  8. Finn has his tongue out after napping on occasion.
  9. The Rollie pollie pose!
  10. Classic Sleeping selfie!
  11. The studious one!
  12. The attention getter!
  13. Play time!
  14. Bird watching!