1. my mentor in college was a woman who was the cfo of a huge nonprofit in a very poor part of Arkansas
  2. and while I was between my junior and senior year of college I worked for this nonprofit and was supposed to develop a summer reading program that would extend into the fall
  3. like most college students (and humans) I had really big plans and ideas that were difficult to make come to fruition
  4. and the demands of working in an environment that can take and take and take and still need more from you was distracting
  5. so my summer plan of making this great literacy program didn't quite pan out - I was frustrated and tired and didn't want to fight against it antmore
  6. so I spent the summer working there on other things, filling what I thought was a great need
  7. at the end of the summer my mentor sent me a very long email
  8. about how great the work I had accomplished was
  9. but that I had failed to deliver what I promised and that it was disappointing to her
  10. and at the end of this email was the best advice I've ever received
  11. she said: "lots of people have great ideas, wonderful intentions. and there isn't anything wrong with that. but the difference between someone who means well and someone who is accomplishing something is follow through."
  12. "and this summer I saw great intentions from you, but very little ability to follow through."
  13. "you are wonderful and enthusiastic and talented, but if you don't learn to adapt and change and follow through with what you set out doing those things don't matter."
  14. and that is absolutely the best advice I have ever received. even if it did make me cry for a solid week.